Tim Barry, the founder of My Michigan Roots, started the art of screen printing for family and friends, sharing his love of Michigan through his flagship logo. It didn’t take long for Tim to see that others shared in his deeply rooted love of Michigan. Over the years, My Michigan Roots has grown into a lifestyle that fosters the pure splendor that Michigan has to offer. When Tim isn’t producing high-quality apparel in their Elk Rapids facility, you can find him enjoying one of his many passions, including kiteboarding, kayaking, rock hunting, flying a powered paraglider (PPG), and cruising around on his Onewheel. Tim is also a USPPA Certified PPG Instructor, offering foot launch, tandem and trike training through his company Vagabond PPG. If you see him out there, be sure to come say “Hi”!


Kelly Barry, wife and life partner of Tim Barry, oversees the daily operations of My Michigan Roots. Kelly shares the same deep-rooted love for Michigan as her husband does, making them the perfect pair. She and Tim love to travel and enjoy both the beauty our state and country have to offer. Kelly also moonlights as a photographer and what better subject than a husband who flies, kites, and is an adventurer at heart! They share the same belief of ethically made apparel and focus on comfort and quality. Kelly and Tim are proud to share affordable, high-quality clothing at a fair price to consumers. Together they are My Michigan Roots!


The brand for those who live for exploration,
simplicity, and natural wonder.

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